Friday, May 14, 2010

Another sad day- good-bye Grizzly

It is time to say good-bye to our dear old friend of 13 years, Grizzly.  We recently found out he has liver cancer and before his suffering gets worse, we made the decision to say good-bye today.  Just look at that face!
Grizzly has been a very good dog.  We adopted him as a puppy who was found in a badger hole with his brother.  His pedigree is questionable, we know he is part Chow because of his blue tongue and who know what else.  He has been a wonderful dog to have around, as a puppy he never chewed on anything, was almost housebroke right away and loved to be with you.  His favorite spot in the house was the hallway....his 'hall cave'.    He was always the perfect gentleman.  He never did tricks but was a pleasure to have around.  After we put poor Buttons down only 14 months ago, he became the cats friends.

The cats would follow him around and join him on walks.  Here he is investigating a kitten.  When we would go on horse rides and he got tired, he would go home.  He would stop, wait until he knew we saw him then be waiting at home for us. 
Even though he really wasn't an in your face, under your feet kind of dog, I will sorely miss his cute face, BIG round eyes, stepping around him in the hall and his begging for nachos.  He turned into such a begger after Buttons was gone, not like him at all.

Farewell old friend, say hi to Buttons until we meet again.....I need to cry now.....