Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Gus

After years of lusting after a Berneses Mountain Dog, DH finally got one.  He is so hard to buy for it was his birthday present.  So after a road trip to SD yesterday Gus, a 6 month old puppy is now in his new home and I think he's pretty happy.  We looked at the puppies but just couldn't decide and knew he needed a home.  He was from a February litter at the breeders and because he doesn't have as much white on his face as some and is a little small, he wasn't picked.  Well, we picked him and now he has a forever home.  We're pretty darn excited to have him and he is very well behaved and quite happy...both those boys are!  Gus just crawled up there and slept most of the evening.

What a summer, a new horse I love, 2 new kittens (one of our barn cats disappeared, could have been a fox or eagle.  :(    Now Gus.

I just hope this ankle heals up and I don't have to be limping around so much. With all these new critters, I don't know how much stamping and blogging time I'll get squeezed in but I think you'll understand.  The snow will fly, he will grow and I'll be back creating soon enough.  To be honest I have done quite a bit and even a couple challenges but the Sunday I was going to post our internet went out for 2 days and I was so bummed I haven't been blogging.  All that work and no way to post.