Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Search is over

I saw both horses in the past 2 days. Tonight we made the deal for Deacon. The black and white.
He will be 2 years old officially January 1 as all horses birthdays are then but his real birthday is in March. I can's remember what his registered name is but his barn name was Deacon since he has white on this throat. I like it so that's what it's going to stay. Funny I have been brainstorming new horse names for a long time, that wasn't one of them and I usually don't like the names people game them.

Tomorrow night he will be sleeping in our barn. The owner is going to deliver him. I think I'll be happy with him. I think my stamping time might be cut a lot more with a new horse to work with as I train my own. Perhaps I'll loose a few pounds. I don't think stamping is a very good aerobic or weight bearing exercise! Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted on his progress and when I get time to stamp, I'll try to share with you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Hunt is ON!

After months of agonizing and realizing my Moose (the horse I'd had for 15 years) was starting to show his age and my kind of riding was hard on him, my husband and I made the painful decision it was time for him to find a new home. Now IF we had more acres and were allowed to have more horses where we are, Moose would have been retired with us. He was the most naturally talented horse I've ever owned. If I had sold him after the year I showed him, I could have got mega bucks for him but he was that once in a lifetime horse and I just couldn't do it. So we decided that he was to good of a horse to sell to just anyone, we would look for a forever home and he would be gifted to that person on the condition he died there and they take good care of him. Moose is the horse on the right above.
Our friend and neighbor Harvey had someone in mind, he needed a good quiet horse, didn't ride much, had another older horse that needed a friend and a farmstead about 20 miles from us that had been in the family for 150 years. It would be a good last home for Moose. I felt a little better when after he was loaded up his granddaughter Jayla, 4 years old came and was so excited. I held her up to pet Moose and told her that he was her horse now and that she had to take care of him for me. After I watched them drive out of our yard, I went in the house and cried like a baby. I do get updates and he's doing well. In time, I will go visit, right now, I still cry when I think about him....I'm crying now!

So, now it's time to find a replacement. It's not easy. The horse I had wanted, a half sister to Moose that looked just like him, sold. So I'm in a quandry. I'm looking at a coming 2 year old half brother of his, very loud marked (lots of white splashed on him and blue eyes, not my favorite) and a 2 year old black and white. Now I HAD my mind made up to get the 1/2 brother. After all, we have already owned 3 other horses sired by their dad and they have all been great. I mean how many horses would let a dog ride on them like Moose did in this picture?
Then a friend I used to show horses with sent me a card with a note that she did have one I should look at. SURE, this puts a crimper in my panties!! I like him too! He's a black and white paint, white legs, a little white on his neck and under his throat, she calls him Deacon. He's pretty cute too with a really nice head and the prettiest blue black I've ever seen! The prices are similar so that's not even e deciding factor.

So today we are going to look at Moose's brother in person. I hope after seeing him, I will be know which one I want for sure. I have a feeling that's not going to be the case. This is the horse we are looking at today:So, we'll see what happens after today. Hopefully I will have a decision made and a new horse in the barn by Christmas. The stall is all ready for him and maybe, just maybe I can be in the barn on Christmas Eve at midnight and hear him talk....
There will never be another Moose though.

Merry Christmas everyone!