Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stamp Storage Questions answered

Thank you everyone for your kinds comments. Since I posted, I have had a few chances to use my 'unit' and it's fabulous! Just by pulling out the shelf, I can see every stamp in each category. No clutter on my work space either!
The shelves are made out of a press board that is finished on one side. I had originally wanted to use acrylic sheets but they were very cost prohibitive, I don't remember exactly how much but want to say about $8 for each shelf, take that times 52.... $416 just for the shelves. Plus I was told it was very hard to cut without cracking when it was that thin. As it was, I think it was close to $200 in materials but I was lucky to get things on sale since our Home Depot was closing.
My stamps with the tack-it-over glue on stick but peel off nicely. My other stamps sit on there easily without any slipping, even when the shelves are all the way out and at a slight angle. I counted a few shelves to see how many stamps, the ones that had the most stamps on had over 60 with lots of room to spare.

With my new workspace on top I'm able to keep my Wizard out so I might actually use it more.

I am thinking of drawing up actual plans and maybe selling them for $10. It wasn't too hard to make and anyone that can saw a straight line with a circular saw and use an electric drill to set screws should be able to make one or take it to a relative, friend or woodworker. It would make a perfect BD or Christmas present for any stamper!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's FINALLY FINISHED!! Rubber stamp storage

After a year of planning and trying to convince my dear hubby that it would work, I have my Rubber Stamp Credenza!

I've been through it all, storing my unmounted stamps in CD cases, binders, EZ mount folders and anything anyone else has said works for them, I came up with this. Sure, it's not for everyone but boy is it slick for me and I'm sure there will be other people who will think the same.

My unmounted stamps were falling out of binders, getting lost, forgetting about them....(the list goes on). I knew there had to be a better way. I always had binders open and out and they took up so much valuable work space. CD's just didn't hold enough and the cost to buy those and find what was in them, to me, seemed like a waste of money, let along try to find the CD cases.

So, here it is, my self designed stamp credenza with 52, 2X2 foot square shelves for my stamps.
Basically it looks like a paper storage unit but the difference is the shelves are 1 inch apart and slide out. The bottom 4 shelves are 2 inches apart so I can put some mounted stamps on them.
I have a new 2 X 4.5 foot workspace on top and best of all, my stamps are organized and I can easily find each category put them back. Here are a couple shelves pulled out. They stay up when they are out, will pull completely out if needed and I can put sheets of images on them if I want. If you wanted you could make a 1/2 size one or taller one to work for you or smaller shelves. It has turned into a wonderful idea...and thanks to my hubby for all his help! I was teasing him while we were working on it that I had 3 people who wanted us to make one for them. He gives me this dirty look and says this is it. Then when we were about done he says, "I suppose our daughter will want one too." I said I didn't think he would make another one. He said for her, yes. LOL

Now that everything is organized, I can maybe find time to stamp!!

Tell me what you think.......