Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Upcoming projects:

Thank you to everyone who checked out my ornaments and commented. I was totally overwhelmed by your complements. They are so much fun to make and very easy. Tonight I'm going to make a few more and will try to post more pictures.

Check back often, my next project will be altered clipboards for shopping lists and mini-altered clipboards made out of those large formica chips you get at home improvement stores where the countertops are. I'm still working out details and supplies for finishing them.

TIP: Home Improvement stores are a great place to find crafting items at a reasonable price. I found Krylon pens in the stenciling departments for about 1/2 what crafting stores charge. I've even found a scrapbooking area in one with things like Fiscars cutter replacement blades cheap. But keep looking, found hardware, glues, paints, paint chips found some really big ones with sticky background at one! I'll try to post some pictures of cards I made with them soon.

If anyone has a wedding in your future, let me know. I have tons of money saving ideas and tips. I will try to post some of the things we made for you to see.

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darrell in uk said...

Hi Betty
What lovely cd's found you on Katys Corner Group.
Hope you post some wedding ideas got one coming up soon and I could do with some inspiration which looking at the gorgeous cd's you have got loads of
Darrell in uk