Thursday, May 8, 2008

Encaustic Wax Horses

Spend a little time looking at the websites with Encaustic Wax art and you'll want to explore it yourself.
I was completely enthralled with the look and of course had to buy the wax and the iron. (No, crayons aren't the same type of wax, it doesn't move like the real stuff) I probably didn't need their craft iron but the price wasn't out of line and I leave it out to use for my other card making needs.
It takes a lot of playing to get it to look right, trust me, I wasted and used up a lot of glossy cardstock on things that didn't look good.
On this card, I stamped the horses first on the glossy cardstock with black archival ink. The stamps are from Sutter Stamps: They have awesome animal (especially horses) and scenic stamps for great prices.
Next I started moving the blue aroundthe sky to look like thunderstorms. I used the tip of the iron to color the horses and then with the green on the iron, I placed it on the bottom and then with the iron flat on the paper, just pulled up to make the grass look like grass. It's hard to explain but once you play, you know. Here is the site I got my stuff from and they have some awesome tutorials.
Here are the tutorials, since they're a little hard to find:
Like I said, it's fun to play with and if you never do a landscape, the wax makes great backgrounds too.


Denise Clark said...

Love the way those horses are painted or colored. Very unique! Outstanding!


Zeborah Loray said...

Beautiful work with the encaustic!
I love playig withthat stuff. :)

WendyK said...

I love the movement on this, and I love doing encaustic art