Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Search is over

I saw both horses in the past 2 days. Tonight we made the deal for Deacon. The black and white.
He will be 2 years old officially January 1 as all horses birthdays are then but his real birthday is in March. I can's remember what his registered name is but his barn name was Deacon since he has white on this throat. I like it so that's what it's going to stay. Funny I have been brainstorming new horse names for a long time, that wasn't one of them and I usually don't like the names people game them.

Tomorrow night he will be sleeping in our barn. The owner is going to deliver him. I think I'll be happy with him. I think my stamping time might be cut a lot more with a new horse to work with as I train my own. Perhaps I'll loose a few pounds. I don't think stamping is a very good aerobic or weight bearing exercise! Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted on his progress and when I get time to stamp, I'll try to share with you.


Shellys Crafts said...

what a beautiful horse. I've always loved black and white. I had 3 horses as I was growing up. I had to sell them when my grandfather passed away. I had moved away, and didn't have any way to bring them with me. A friend of mine bought my favorite horse and he lived to be 32 years old. thanks for sharing..

Etha said...

Oh he is gorgeous!!! congratulations :)

Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Deacon is absolutely beautiful. You lucky girl.