Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted

I'm not sure how many people actually are worried that I haven't posted in a while but I do have a couple good reasons.  No, I didn't get hurt again!  I have been so busy at work with fiscal year end putting in 10 - 10 1/2 hour days which totally kicked my butt so I was in bed by about 9 every night!  I have done some stamping but sure didn't get anything posted as you can tell. 

So a little update on what else has been going on....I sold my horse that didn't work out and have been busy looking for a new one.  I finally found her in Minnesota near Minneapolis so on Wednesday, after the books closed at work, I got my son up at 6:30 and we drove 5 1/2 hours to get her...and 5 1/2 hours home, we got home at 8 pm.  Here's a picture of her:

It took some time but we finally came up with a name, Jingles.  My daughter brainstormed it.  She had a Fischer Price stick horse when she was little with a little bell at the back she called Jingles.  She has a blue ribbon pedigree with tons of famous horses on her papers.  Her registered name is Scotchsome Tin.  But the best part is, she is a total sweetie.  She has had some training and is riding really nice.  I am just giddy, this is the horse I was meant to have...even though DH thinks I should have found a gelding (neutered male). 

So I will be spending the rest of the summer riding my new girl and enjoying what's left.  After being laid up with broken limbs I missed a lot.  I am still limping around, my ankle still hurts a lot and very swollen.  In Oct. or November I will have the hardware taken out unless I can wait until after Christmas.  I will be stamping too, I can't ride all the time!  Hopefully I will get some posted too.  After Jingles finishes breakfast this morning I'm going riding and this afternoon we are going to my niece/Goddaughter's wedding.  We have new fencing to put up around the horse area too and have to finish getting the hay for the winter...the summer is just too short!

Until next time:  Happy Trails!


Connie Paxman said...

Love your blog...and the pictures of the wide open country are amazing...I live just north of you across the border...
thanks for comment on my blog.
connie paxman

Leslie Miller said...

I sure do understand about summers being too short and so many other things in life besides stamping. Enjoy your new ride. She's beautiful!

LindaH said...

she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! the swelling and pain SUCKS...i started back to work this week and also started colouring again and i think the combo is a bit much....hmmmm, maybe i should quit work cause i can't imagine giving up colouring. Enjoy you new girl...there is still lots of summer left.