Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Horse passion

It's not summer yet, it doesn't even feel like Spring up here in North Dakota. It's very dry where I live and I'm so afraid we're going to go right into a long HOT, dry summer. So, we try to get our riding in now. It's easier to put on more clothes than take off more!

Last weekend DH and I loaded up our horses in our 38 foot long gooseneck with 20 feet of camper (living quarters) in the front. We finally got into the DeMores Riders campground on the east side of the Teddy Roosevelt Natl' Park. We were on the waiting list for 13 years! They only let 50 families in at a time and most never quit. Even if they die, the kids get the first chance to get take that space. Anyway, when you get in, you have 40 acres of fenced campground, water, electricity and best of all, a key to get into the ND Badlands. (It was an agreement made years ago with the park). Anyway, our camper has a kitchen and BATHROOM!! That's important.

THis is a picture of me and Duchess the first day out.

When I'm not stamping, I enjoy spending time with the horses and dogs. There's nothing like the outside of a horse for the inside of a woman!

Here I am on my horse Moose. If you can't tell, it was COLD last Sunday. We just completed a jump over a small gully.

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