Thursday, April 2, 2009

Faux Mesh

While playing with my crimper and running some cardstock through 2 ways, I really liked the look and thought I'd try it with metallic paper. OH, I loved it. I thought it looked a lot like mesh so my version is here. I just ran it through one way and then ran the opposite and got this. This picture doesn't do the card justice. I almost wasn't going to post it but it did show the faux mesh so here it is. Horse Stamp by Stampin' Up! Background by Cornish Heritage Farms. The embellishements were colored with a copper Krylon pen and I was way to impatient to let it dry all the way so it smeared but it looked ok, (really it does) so I left it. I just drew the lines for the wood look on the cardbase. Really not happy with this picture!

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