Monday, November 10, 2008

7 Days of Moose - Day Four

We're onto day 4. I suppose some of you, if anyone is following perhaps you are wondering why 7 days? Well that's all the Riley Moose stamps I have at the moment. I suppose I will have to buy some more but I think Christmas presents might preempt my stamp purchases for a while.

Onto Day 4

Sick Riley was so appropriate to send to my daughter and her husband and he is fighting a buldging disk in his back from a car accident 4 years ago. When I mailed it I didn't know that my daughter also had come down with a terrible cold. So bad she went to the doctor who told her to stay home. She did as much as she could but classes are important. This arrived just in time to cheer her up so I was happy. I picked brown and blue since that is the color in her bedroom. I found the paisley paper at a scrapbook store in Montana when I was visiting. Same color method (I promise tomorrow I use something it Christmas yet? I want my Copics!) The brown lace look border is a Fiscars punch. I've had them for a long time and keep forgetting about them so I pulled them out of my drawer and set them on my desk so I will remember to use them. I used a word window punch to cut out the greeting layers. Then I did holes in the ends and added ribbon. I wish I could tell you where it was from but I got it in a prize package from Midwest Stampers Yahoo group Tuesday tip winner! I actually have some good ideas. :)

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