Sunday, November 9, 2008

7 Days of Moose - Day Three

Here is day 3: It's Riley having a cup of coffee and cupcake. This image is so fitting for my daughter and me....we love our coffee and or tea. We both love muffins and or cupcakes and baking. We spent a lot of time sitting around with our feet up just chatting while sipping our drinks. This was colored again with the Prismacolor pencils and then went over with Gamsol. Coloring that way is fun but I am really starting to think I NEED (OK Want) Copic markers. They will be on my Christmas list this year. I used the square nesties for my layers this time and put them together kittywampus. Do you like the layers? They are paint chips from Lowes! I found these while browsing one day. What drew me to them is the size. Look at the green bottom layer that went through a cuttlebug folder; it was a HUGE paint chip I picked up someplace and I wish I remembered where. The bad thing about them is after they go through the cuttlebug, it cracked the color so I used a green pad and highlighted the raised areas. I just wraped some ribbon around it. The ribbon is left over from my daughter's wedding projects last year. I have tons of left over ribbon so anytime I can use it, I will. This card is 5X7 inches.


Etha said...

so cool! love the nesties chip layers!! great idea, I think I need to go to the hardware store more often ;)

Belinda said...

This is adorable! He is so cute in his jammies. This is such a great idea doing all the days.