Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Buttons

Buttons is our very old, 14 years in a week, dog. Every cat LOVES her! I really don't think she's that trilled with being a cat magnet but we find it amusing. I snapped this picture one night. The 2 cats with her are outside barn cats in to warm up in our very sub zero temps.

Buttons mother was a registered collie, dad was a registered golden retriever, yes she is black and that is strange but for some reason that is the color they are! Anyway, that makes her a mutt I guess...or a designer dog, a COLTRIEVER! LOL She has been a very good dog and we know our time with her is limited. Right now she can't get up by herself but has earned our help. She is still happy, not in pain, gets around once she's up and can control her bodily functions so we can't put her down yet. She was SO happy when the kids were home for Christmas, I think it added a few months to her life she perked up so much.

Here's whole pack! Grizzly is on the left, he's 11 so considered geriatric too. We got him from the humane society as a puppy, he was found in a badger hole with his brother. He's the most laid back, lazy dog ever, even as a puppy he never played much, didn't chew on anything and still just lays around!
The evil eyed looking guy on the right is Doogan, the comedian of our hounds. He's a Border Collie, Shepard/Collie cross we got a giveaway. He's only 3 but is having back problems so is seeing my chiropractor. It's helping but we are still worried. He's brillant, busy and a very needy fella. Not evil at all but super friendly and loves showing off his tricks, play dead, roll over, turn around, get a certain toy, wave, etc. HIs slogan....will play for tricks!
I hope you enjoyed meeting our dogs, a celebration of Buttons life.


Etha said...

awwww, what a nice crowd you have here! love the picture with the cats and dog.... I could not do that, our Phoebe (Golden) thinks ANYthing smaller than her (except the baby) is prey.... or needs to be carried around LOL

Kathie McGuire said...

Hey, what a good looking bunch of fur babies. I love every one of them and applaud you for giving them a good life and a comfortable and loving home. Every one of your little angels is.......a little angel!! And so cute with the cats! God bless you for caring for them!!
Kathie McGuire

JP Card Crazy said...

First time I've visited and was purusing through you lovely cards when I came across the gang!! I can't help but love an animal lover!! I have had dogs and cats all my life and right now we have two Jack Russells and one cat. the cat and the dogs pretend to hate each other and when you are not looking are actually playing together. Thae all sleep with me at night..sometimes all cuddled together. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Kerry said...

OMG i'm dying laughing at how CUTE the dogs are with the cats!! AHAH!! love it! thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog!!

stay warm! :)