Sunday, February 28, 2010

Carved Moose Anter Art - Moose Mountain or ART BY ED

My very talented son-in-law carved this for us this past year.  It is carved right out of a shed moose antler paddle, mostly by hand, a little bit of dremel use too. The dimension is amazing on it and it really looks nice in our living room with more of a rustic decorating theme.

Here is a close up of it.
He is hoping to sell some of his work and will make more to sell so if you know anyone who might be interested, send them my way.   He's an unemployed wild fire fighter this winter so has lots of time now! 

I will share some of the turkey feather art he made soon. He did Santa's from around the world on a bunch. 


EcoRover said...

Nice work! Thanks for sharing. Not sure which one of the dozens of kilted warriors was your son, but hope he enjoyed St Paddy's in Butte.

Neet said...

Wow, really talented Betty. This is fabulous - hope he makes some sales.