Friday, March 6, 2009

Life is Good Moose

Perhaps you have seen the LIFE IS GOOD T-shirts and mugs and such around. Usually they are accompanied by a cartoon image of someone rock climbing or skiing or something. I found a t-shirt at TJ Max with a life is good Horse so DH bought it for me. Well, it had this chipboard style circle tag on it and I knew it was going on a card for DD since she's the one that first showed me the Life is Good stuff. Besides, that coral color isn't fit for a guy! LOL
I had pulled out the skiing Riley for this but remembered DD still hasn't been able to ski this year because of her knee problems so decided that wasn't a good choice BUT, she has had some time to knit and finished the knitting the Dale of Norway sweater she's knitting for herself (I'll post a picture of it when I get one). She is still working on sewing it up. It's a little strange in that you knit this tube, then knit the sleeves and then have to use a sewing machine to sew down the body and CUT IT! Then you sew the sleeves on by hand. She was on the phone with me a lot when she was trying to get her machine set up (first time) so she could do that and get the guts to cut her sweater. She finally did it, has the sleeves on but had to give up and work on homework and then she got sick so it's NOT quite done yet, the crewneck has to be knit on. I did this card for her,colored it with Copics and used my JustRite block to stamp Congratulations on Finishing your Sweater inside. There aren't enough vowels to do it all! That was a bummer. She's been knitting on this sweater off an on for over 2 years (she lost the pattern for 5 months when she moved) so she's happy it's almost done. Next she's on to a Fisherman knit cable sweater for her DH. At least that's on size 7 needles and not 2 & 3!

Riley stamp by Hanna Stamps
DP from SU
Hero Arts Zig Zag Stamp on coral paper in center
Decorative brads by Spare Parts

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