Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let's be frugal

It's a tough economy that makes everyone try to be green and frugal (or thrifty or cheap!). So now is the time to use what you have and if you have to get something think about an alternative. I'll show you what I mean.
Here is a picture of some of my recent purchases at Hobby Lobby. I was armed with a 40% off coupon and they had embellishments and some jewelry 50% off. I used my coupon to get the Crop-a-Dile large copper eyelets (3/8 inch). I was also looking for something to embellish my brads for flower centers. I headed over to the jewelry department and on the way passed by the leatherwork area. Since my old hobby was leatherwork I stopped by to check it out. AH AH, they had silver 3/8 inch eyelets for $1.78, the copper crop-a-dile ones were over $5! They were a little longer but I thought they would still work (and they did!) so I grabbed them. The great thing about silver items, you can paint them per say with alcohol inks or a leafing pen. They also had some neat decorations that would push on (on paper in center) They were really cheap. After I headed onto the jewlery department and picked up some silver spacers (bottom of picture) for 50 cents, small brads fit in the center so it looks like a larger center for some flowers. Oh and they also had punches 50% off so I finally broke down and got a couple flower ones. (see previous post faux felt flowers)

So shop sales, look in non-obvious places and support your favorite stamp vendors.

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Etha said...

coupons are good :) but sometimes I wander the store in the desperate need to find something that is not like 1% reduced so I CAN use the coupon on it LOL.....
thanks for the tips! I'll be checking out the leather spot next visit.