Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celtic Rose

I had the worst weekend I've had in a long time! ND weather has been COLD and winter WAY to long. Saturday, DH was out of town working so I thought I could stamp the day away. Well, I noticed my horses eating snow, not a good sign. I went out and sure enough the electric waterer for them was froze up solid. I then had to haul out 40 gallons of water (10 gallons at a time) from the house since our outside hydrants are froze up. Then to even figure out why it was froze up, I had to chip away 6 inches of ice from around the cover we have on it to help insulate the stupid thing. TWO hours later I was able to get the 50 pound box off and find the outlet had shorted out and started on fire. To make a long story short....it took all day to get it unthawed (thanks to help from my trusty old embossing heat gun and a trip to town to buy a new heater for the tank) and working off an extention cord. Did I mention the temps were around ZERO F?
Needless to say I was exhausted so never got anything I wanted done, like enter a card for Clear Dollar Stamps guest designer. :( Oh well, I guess it was for the best, looks like I'll be busy keeping track of that waterer since it was leaking underneath which froze and shorted the outlet out. It means we need a new waterer. Oh, they are only about $400 too.

So, here is a card I had in my stash I made a week or so ago. I love this color combo of white and tan.

I wish this showed up a little better. IRL it's so elegant and a very simple card to do.

Celtic Rose - http://www.scottishbordersstamping.com/sbs_039.htm

Cuttlebug folder
DP from Hobby Lobby
Distress inks
Martha Steward border punch on ivory CS
Ribbon from my stash


Orion Designs said...

What a classy card! I love this color combo too.

Anonymous said...

Can sympathise with the waterer.
We raised cattle in northern Alberta. Zero' F is a familiar temp too. Love the colour combo.
Happy stamping from Northern Rockies. Maureen

Ginni said...

Gorgeous card! Can also sympathize - ex and I ranched with FIL in northern SD for 6½ years - milked most of those years, too, so know how much fun it is!! Really enjoy your blog!

Wendy Olson said...

Just absolutely beautiful, it would make a wonderful wedding invitation. I wish I was so talented. I used to paint and sketch but have lost the talent many years ago so I switched to photography and God puts the right subject in front of me at the right time.

I live in Michigan and we just got done with the subzero weather here too. Yesterday was in the 50s and today is in the low 40s.