Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cracked Glass

I have been eying this sketch for a while and these papers have been sitting on my desk "crying for me" (my son used to say that when he wanted something) so today I decided to go for it.  I did the whole layout then had a time trying to figure out what image to use.  I decided on a portion of a stamp from Sutter Stamps out of Montana.  Since I have 4 Paint horses it was an easy choice to color the horse with Copics like a Buckskin paint.    I also used a Martha Stewart punch and edged alot of this card with a gold marker.  

The little horseshoe is from a stash I've had since my horse show sewing days.  These are fabric add ons with prongs on the back.  These are all silver and since that wouldn't work, I colored it with a gold pen.  Here's the trick:  Stick it in a piece of styrofoam while you color so it doesn't get all over your fingers and then let it dry, it will take some time.  Next, take a needle nose pliers and bend those prongs back in a little.  They angle out.  After that put your paper on the foam and gently push it through.  Flip over and pound the prongs down with a hammer.  This little piece of styrofoam is a handy little thing to have for coloring brads, paper piercing etc.  Just don't use a heat gun...don't ask!


Ginni said...

Are we talking some burned fingers here? LOL!! (been there, done that!) Great card - love the colors and coloring!


Stampin_melissa said...

Such a lovely card! I'm so glad I came and saw it here and not just the attachment through the TJ group, much more detail and prettier here!