Monday, January 18, 2010

Organized...sort of

Well at least as much as I'm going to be for now. Here's a picture BEFORE. YIKES and I didn't even show the workspace...which wasn't there. LOL Look at the bottom shelf, I couldn't find anything, there were tons on embellishments somewhere there. And WHY did I leave my reinkers out on prime shelf space?

I decided to add a couple more brackets, longer shelves and one more up high. It took 2 trips to Walmart to get enough drawer units and 2 trips to Menards (Midwest's Home Depot) to get all I needed.

Here is what it looks like now.

I have all my 'stuff' sorted out and labeled. I found things I totally forgot about and vow to use it. I mean do we really think the craft/card making police will come and arrest us if we use eyelets instead of brads or fibers in place of ribbon?

I am challenging everyone to use what you have instead of buying into the new trends. Use those fancy brads you bought...before they go out of 'style' or that pad of DP before that goes out of style. Have fun.

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Ret said...

Oh Betty!! You really tackled this head on! It looks wonderful & more functional for you now. That's great!!! Kudo's to you!!! Wanna come do mine? hehe