Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Retirement

My husband has been a conductor on the railroad for 35 years, long before I met him. When we were just married, guys his age were called 'old heads'. He's one now! After all these years he still has problems getting vacation at Christmas and during the summer.
Anyway, many of the guys he know are retiring. You have to be 60 to retire on the RR, DH has 4 1/2 years to go and is counting the days. When his friends retire (many have less years in but are 60) he always takes them a case of beer and asks me to make a card. This card is for Kelly. The last card I made I had 3 brads on too, but OMG, I didn't use Red, Yellow and Green, the color of blocks...(RR version of stoplights) well, duh it was on a blue and yellow card and you didn't tell me. This time I knew better.
This is a 5 1/2 inch square card. I usually only make square cards if they are hand delivered to avoid extra postage. If I do make a square to mail, I made it 5 inches square and put it in a 5 X 7 envelope to avoid the extra postage. There are secrets!

This card is pretty straight forward. The only extra thing I did was die the silver brads with alcohol inks. I just put a little in a well of a pallet tray and dipped the brads. It's hard to tell on the picture but the yellow and portion of the red under the engine is ran through a herringbone cuttlebug folder. The engine is a retired Stampin' Up! stamp.
Happy Retirement Kelly (best of luck Linda, his wife....way more husband than we're use to!)

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